The MDRCC San Diego Century, Saturday, July 26, 2014

[Submitted for Henry by Carl with a few edits]

The SAG support provided by Larry and Carl went beyond the revivifying ice water and bananas, making the 2014 edition of our San Diego Century memorable for nine good cyclists on an enjoyable SoCal summer day. At unscripted sites along the course, we were surprised by the SAGmeisters cheering for us from the roadside. We even found them providing other riders mechanical and hydration support on a muggy day. Particularly easy to spot at the side of the road was Carl’s hat (not shown) – but not exactly what the French are thinking when they say, “Chapeau!”, in tipping a helmet to a good ride.

The black-and-blue-and-white half-kit made its inaugural OC-San Diego trip on Team MDRCC, eight in kit and one first-time century rider in her Rapha kit (Tannaz, Mikki, Erik, Philip, Anna, Marvin, Mike S., Herwin, and Henry in random order).


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MDRCC on Cycle to Farm ride in North Carolina

I got this email and picture from John Wash who did the original design of the current MDRCC jersey.  I’ll take credit (blame) for mucking with his design and leaving the shorts out of the current run, but I can take no credit for the web site.  That belongs to Scott.

Hey Carl –

I think the new club web site looks fantastic.  Here’s a photo you might want to share on the site.  It’s a photo of me sporting the club jersey, and enjoying no-hands cookie eating at a rest stop during the July 16th Cycle to Farm ride in Black Mountain, NC.  It was rainy all day during this metric century ride, and at one point the ride was held up for about 30 minutes while road crews cleared a downed tree from the road.

Hope all is well with you, Judy, and your girls…
Best wishes,