MDRCC at 50th Great Western Bike Rally, May 23-26, 2014


With thirteen riders scattered in several hotels (two camping out), MDRCC and associates came together in Paso Robles for the 50th Great Western Bike Rally on Memorial Day weekend.  By sheer numbers, the black-blue-white half-kit appeared to predominate on the road, especially on the Saturday ride to Cambria on the coast. Continue reading

Tour of California, Saturday, May 17, 2014


Race radio was blaring with news that riders were being dropped as Stage 7 came off the Angeles Crest Highway speeding for Pasadena City Hall.  The peloton was split into two groups entering the three-lap 3-mile circuit in town.  Sagan and teammates led the first pack, diving into the first of many tight corners.

Sagan and teammates starting the first lap.

Sagan and teammates starting the first lap.

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