Insensitive Traffic Lights


(This article from remote MDRCC member Jerry Mann)
It is very common for traffic signal sensors to fail to detect bicycles, and even motorcycles.  When no car is present to trigger the light, this results in bicyclists and motorcyclists being compelled to treat red lights as stop signs.  The problem is so widespread that North Carolina, at the urging of motorcyclist lobbying groups, has passed a law allowing a motorcycle to legally run a red light that won’t change after waiting three minutes, if safe.  The law does not specifically apply to bicyclists, however.  This creates confusion as to how bicyclists are allowed to handle a light that won’t change. Continue reading

Solvang Century, Saturday, March 8, 2014

The 2014 Solvang Century saw the inaugural appearance of bib numbers on the MDRCC jersey.  Wearers included Scott, Erik, David, and Henry.

Erik and Henry started the MDRCC roadtrip early on Friday and got in a mid-afternoon 25-mile prelude ride to Los Olivos and back to the hotel in Buellton downhill from Solvang, bracketed by burgers at a Ventura pit-stop and a pint of local brew.  The ride included reconnaissance of a quirky segment on the route slip posted for Saturday’s event that sent riders onto the heavy traffic of the 101 outside Buellton.  This quickly led to the conclusion that the route meister had more than a pint of local refreshment. Continue reading