Club Background

Welcome to the Marina del Rey Cycling Club (MDRCC) web site. We hope that you’ll find our club and our rides as exciting as we do. We are a small and friendly recreational group, usually twelve to sixteen people ride on Sundays, but up to twenty when the weather is good and the stars align. We ride on the streets with cars, follow the vehicle code rules, and strongly encourage safe riding practices.

MDRCC was formed roughly 3 decades ago when a group of cycling enthusiasts decided to organize weekly rides that explore interesting routes throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Today, our Sunday rides are drawn from a selection of more than 30 routes that travel through our colorful Southland. The ride list is published every 6 months and contains a variety of routes from Santa Monica to Malibu, or over the hills to the San Fernando Valley and back. There are several scenic rides in the South Bay and Palos Verdes, North Hollywood and the canyons of the West Side. Each season we also schedule several out of town rides which take us to areas like Ojai, Santa Clarita, Santa Barbara, Mount Wilson, Irvine, and San Diego. Rides typically make a stop along the route for coffee, breakfast or brunch. (Some of us like to eat!)

What sets us apart from many other clubs and group rides is the variety and diversity of our routes, the diversity of riders’ skills that range from recreational to advanced, and finally our group support system.
In keeping with the government’s “No Cyclist Left Behind” program, riders regroup at several check points during the rides. Flat tire? Not to worry… the group will stop and help expedite repairs.

Many of our members join the club to improve their fitness and bike handling skills, but above all, it’s the friendship and spirit of the sport that binds the club members together. We schedule club parties during summer and winter when we meet (without helmets and lycra) to eat, drink and get to know each other’s families better.

The club meets every Sunday in front of Helen’s Bike Shop in Marina del Rey. Come and join us and try a few rides. In the process, you’re likely to discover parts of the Southland you’ve never seen before. And bring a friend or two!

General Club Policies_________________________

All rides have two options: short (25-35 miles, few or no hills), and longer (50-70 miles, hillier). We ride on city streets (bike-friendly with adequate shoulders as much as possible), rather than bike paths. We welcome new riders and expect the following from both members and non-members:

  • Helmets are mandatory on all rides — no exceptions
  • Courtesy toward motorists, pedestrians, animals and other cyclists
  • No headphones
  • Observation of all traffic laws
  • Good attitudes