Trapped in Toluca Lake

Sure, we’ve had riders make a wrong turn and go down Tuna Canyon or Decker Road and not come back up.  But have you gone down a road and have a gate close behind you, locking you in?

Heading south on North Clybourn Avenue (the street in Toluca Lake where Paty’s, our Valley lunch stop, is located), I came upon an open gate across the road.  Pausing to note any signs prohibiting passage, I continued riding and just as I went through, the gate started to close!  Not wanting to risk having my bike damaged by the large, sliding metal gate, I didn’t make a run for it to get out.

The gate was part of a substantial metal fence about ten feet high and all the metalwork was surrounded by tall hedges.  Not to worry, there was also a door in the fence, so I can get out there.  Nope, it was locked.  Curiously, there was a sign inside, not outside, the gate declaring that this was private property requiring a key to exit.

It turns out this was the Lakeside Golf Club. It was a nice sunny spring day in winter, so maybe I’ll ride around this private neighborhood and find another way out.  I should be able to blend in; golfers also wear cleats, brightly colored polyester, and golf caps that are no less funny looking than a cycling helmet.

Well, I was only trapped for a short time.  I found a staff person to let me out.  As I continued my ride, I began noticing other gated roads in Toluca Gate.

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