MDRC at Grand Tour, Saturday, June 28, 2014

Becoming a common sight on supported rides, the MDRCC half-kit was ridden in the 2014 Grand Tour held by the L.A. Wheelmen.  April, Sylvia, Manny, Erik, Henry, and Judy enjoyed the hospitality and routes of this long-running event on a warm day.

Five of us rode the double metric, starting at different times in the early morning from Webster Elementary in Malibu.  The long Latigo climb a few miles in was the major one of the day, but by no means the only, as significant ascents and descents were sprinkled throughout the course.

Circuitous traverses of Hidden and Potrero Valleys led to lunch in Moorpark less than midway, where custom-made sandwiches were provided.  Following some canyon climbing, it was westward to Oxnard perfumed by ripe strawberries thankfully instead of its onion fields, and then out to the coast in Port Hueneme for the third and final stop, where we recharged with chicken soup (broth, no meat in sight), cold sodas, and fruit for the finishing 35 miles.  Once at the Rock, it was the familiar 25 miles on PCH back to Malibu for the recovery BBQ and rehydration.

But that was for five of us.  The sixth,  Judy, of course, rode the 200-mile route, and not the Lowland, but Highland version, which included climbs such as Casitas Pass and in midday sun, the Dennison Grade to Ojai and a burrito bar awaiting.

BTW the Grand Tour also has 300- and 400-mile routes!