Hey, you’re blocking my view!

I hope today’s MDRCC ride was enjoyable.  Well, today’s ride up in the Bay Area was under a chamber-of-commerce cloudless sky!0918161217-01On weekends, cyclists take over the Pacific side of the bridge.0918161223-00

This is good and bad; today there was a yahoo – undoubtedly a tourist – using a selfie stick while riding.  There oughta be a law!

Here on the Marin County side, the crowds obscured the view of My City.



The Bay Area is laced with bikeways and it’s easy to find scenic (mostly hilly) routes.  I went as far as Mill Valley before turning around for a Clif break in Sausalito.  Here I got my unobstructed view of The City.0918161344-00 My cheap phone didn’t do it justice – you had to be there!  In Sausalito, you can also see that if you don’t make it back before high tide, you’ll have to spend the night – clever planning by a small-town tourist trap.

The Bay rising onto a walkway.

The Bay rising onto a walkway.



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