Ride safely and carry a small multi-tool

The Topeak Mini 9, a tiny 2.5 x 1 x 0.75 inches and a mere 92 g, carries big function – once you dig around your jersey pocket and manage to find it.

Mini 9 compared with CO2 cartridge

Mini 9 compared with CO2 cartridge

It has the major Allen wrenches (2 to 8 mm) for your bike, pedals, and cleats, along with Phillips and Torx T25 heads.  This big investment for self-sufficiency on the road has a small list price of $17.

Ya wanna go big?

There’s a move to wider 25-mm tires in the pro peloton and in the streets as well for the advantage of lower rolling resistance compared to the commonly used widths up to 23 mm.  This difference in rolling resistance and thus gain in speed is obtained when different sizes are tested at equivalent tire pressure, a condition in which the narrow and wide tires produce contact areas (with the road) that are the same but of different shapes. Continue reading


ProBikeKit aficionados will know about the 24-h sale on Conti GP 4000S that brings the price down to $31 if you buy two (generally needed for two wheels), and $31 for four.  Those using the more expensive Conti Gatorskins may want to consider switching – the GP4kS is pretty tough.  (This is not the new multicolour model I mentioned previously – however, the sale may be to clear out stock for the new one.)