2016 Cool Breeze Century (Saturday, August 20): MDRCC Qualifies for Federal Funding

The diversity of MDRiders meets federal guidelines for receiving aid.  Send four of our riders out on the same course, the 110-mile Hilly Century, and how many will return having followed the route?  A lowly 25%.  Only one of our Garmins recorded 110 miles at the finish.  A second rider went 5 miles more, having done a climb twice because of an errant left.  A third rode 106 miles, choosing to forego the Mile 25 first rest stop.  And our fourth had an even shorter day, not only because he’s fast, but also due to a wrong turn.

Here we are at 4 miles to the finish, with diverse kits and only one representin’.  Only the backs are shown to protect the guilty and innocent.


Clearly, MDRCC stands with diversity, so let’s apply for some aid before extreme-extreme vetting becomes an additional requirement.  New equipment?  But it can’t include our faves like Campy and Shimano – they’re un-American.  How’s ’bout a lunch program for our rides?



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