MDR experience shows at Amtrak Century, Saturday, September 6, 2014

The pre-sunrise twilight at 6:15 a.m. in Irvine was sufficient to roll out at the 2014 Amtrak Century hosted by the Orange County Wheelmen.  Having given custody of a post-ride pbj, drink, change of kit, and other valuables to the trustworthy OCW for transport to San Diego, #317, the lone black-blue-and-white this year, was eager to ride the course for the second time this summer.

There were a few wrinkles compared to MDRCC’s San Diego Century six weeks earlier (see Continue reading

Boot in place

It’s annoying to get a gash on a new tire, even more so than with one that’s been on the road awhile.  But unless it’s a catastrophic injury, a boot can resuscitate the tire for a full and useful life.


Given the thousands of miles ahead and the likelihood of some tube changes/repairs plus periodic re-inflations, it’s necessary to ensure the continued proper placement of the boot after each manipulation of the tire.  An easy method is to color the boot on the outside (tire side) for ready detection through the gash, in order to distinguish the boot from the tube (generally black) and tire (generally black sidewall).  Use a marker pen or office white-out.  Bright pink nail polish?


Picture to be provided the next time I need to boot.