Ya wanna go big?

There’s a move to wider 25-mm tires in the pro peloton and in the streets as well for the advantage of lower rolling resistance compared to the commonly used widths up to 23 mm.  This difference in rolling resistance and thus gain in speed is obtained when different sizes are tested at equivalent tire pressure, a condition in which the narrow and wide tires produce contact areas (with the road) that are the same but of different shapes. Continue reading

MDR at Cool Breeze, Saturday, August 16, 2014

The 2014 Cool Breeze was as enjoyable as a double metric can ever be.  Without the early morning ground fog that often shrouds rides out of Ventura, this edition rolled out under a clear sun-rising sky that forecasted a good day in the saddle.  MDRCC was represented by #135 in the black-blue-and-white and #774 in the German Champion Omega Pharma kit (bib numbers given to protect the innocent).


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